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Mary D. Slover


Mary (Maria) Donley-Slover is a self taught artist/musician who was born and raised in Austin, Texas. She comes from a family of two sisters, Barbara Donley-Escamilla and Sylvia Donley-Montana and her brother, Phillip Donley.  


All of Maria's siblings were introduced to music at a very early age. Her brother, Phillip joined her father, Manuel Cowboy Donley's Tejano Orchestra "Las Estrellas" at an early age.


Maria and her sisters, formed one of the very first Latina Trio, "Las Chicas" back in the late 60's and Maria herself was part of the first "Tejana All Girl Band, The Liberated" in the early 70's.  

Maria along with her siblings led a rather challenging life growing up. Her father was a self employed musician/manager/band leader starting in the late 50's  up until the late 80's. After many years of experiencing the struggles from being an independent musician, the family of 6 settled down in East Austin.


It was during this time Mary entered high school and found the last two years to be a positive experience. She had been informed of a New and Special Arts Program for aspiring artists would be starting at her High School. This was pure music to her ears! 


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